Friday, January 20, 2012

Indiepreneur Spotlight: Ashley Glenn

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Ashley Glenn owns Culinary Professionals, a small local business specializing in culinary education for people of all ages. Culinary Professionals provides personal chef services, nutrition classes for kids, demonstration cooking events, and private cooking classes. Ashey's passion is sharing her knowledge with the health-conscious food lover!

IS: What inspired you to create Culinary Professionals?
Ashley: After graduating from culinary school and spending the past four years working in catering and the past three summers teaching children to cook in South Florida, I moved to Gainesville and decided I was ready to share my love of good food and my passion for cooking with people in Alachua County.

IS: How did you begin the process of building your business?
Ashley: I am still in the early stages of building my business. I started the process by creating a very simple website and establishing the business on Facebook and Twitter. Having an online presence is critical in building a business today.

IS: What motivates you towards your indiepreneurial goals?
Ashley: The chance of improving the lives of others by showing people how to cook, teaching people the importance of good nutrition, and sharing my culinary creations is a constant motivator for me.

IS: What advice do you have for other indiepreneurs who want to create a business?
Ashley: If you have a solid basic concept for your business and a strong work ethic, chances are you will be successful. My best advice is to start small and always be thinking of ways to expand your business when you are able to.

Check out Culinary Professionals on Twitter for more information on cooking demos, nutrition education, and personal chef services!

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